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The autumn is passing into winter. Even with some easterlies now there would not be much to be blown in. It was all winter birds today. There was a flock of 25 fieldfare at Wormiston heading inland. There was large flock of pink-footed geese closer to the shore in the large stubble field north-east of the Yellow House (by Wormiston Farm). The stubble field was alive with birds. A couple of hundred geese, hundreds of linnets, starlings and herring gulls, and plenty of skylarks, meadow pipits, carrion crows, rooks and curlews. Stubble fields are brilliant and there are still quite a few around Crail. I tried to check through the goose flock for any other rarer goose species among them, but they were fairly wary and I could only get within a couple of hundred meters before they looked a bit too alert for comfort. I left them alone – I hope the flock stays around Crail, and I hope a few stubble fields stay as well. Quiet seas again at Fife Ness: no gannets today, only a few auks, and a pair of red-breasted merganser and then immediately a flock of three goosander, like a textbook flight identification exercise.

Pink-footed geese

There has been a big influx of hawfinch in England this autumn and they seem to be moving north with several seen in the Lothians today. So there may be some in Fife over the next few days. Worth watching for a huge finch with a huge bill on your peanut feeder.

Posted November 4, 2017 by wildcrail in Sightings

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