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The wind was back to prevailing south-westerly by mid-afternoon and has been picking up strength for a gale forecast for tomorrow. It was very noticeable how the very slight chill in the air disappeared during the course of the day as the temperature rose from 11 before lunch in the south-easterly to 16 after in the south-westerly. The accompanying rain made birding harder although I don’t think there was anything new to find: with the switch in the wind back to the south-west for the next week at least things will quieten down now in terms of small birds from the east. The seabirds might get more interesting though.

The yellow-browed warbler at the top of Kilminning was still there at lunchtime. It was in exactly the same place as yesterday and if the weather allows it, shouldn’t be too hard to see. It is under the canopy of a large whitebeam and sycamores adjacent to it, about 40 meters to the east of the go-kart sign as you turn into Kilminning (and so only about 20 meters south of the road to the golf clubs). As long as you get right under the trees and look up it is not too hard to spot but watch out for the accompanying goldcrests.

There were a few ducks passing Crail today at sea. Small groups of teal were quite regular, some velvet scoter and also red-breasted mergansers, replacing the goosanders at Fife Ness, which will have moved onto inland waters after finishing their moult. Some bottle-nosed dolphins passed Crail heading towards Anstruther in early afternoon.

Red-breasted merganser

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