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There are still redwings and a few bramblings about left over from Thursday plus a flock of four redpolls and a couple of blackcaps at the bottom of Kilminning. The blackbirds are now the commonest thrush again. At Balcomie Beach the redshanks were chancing it, feeding right at the top of the beach on sandhoppers even at low tide. A sparrowhawk would only have to approach from the golf course and jink over the marram grass to be a few meters away from the flock before it would have any chance of being spotted. It is usually the juvenile redshanks that take these risks and I bet a few more will have been caught this week if this is what they have been doing. The few remaining dunlin on Balcomie – about 10 – were being much more sensible, picking on the beach close to the tide line and with a hundred meters on all sides to detect anything approaching. The sanderlings have been conspicuous in their absence this week. There was a single grey plover feeding again on the flat seaweedy rocks just in front of the hide at Fife Ness: little else at sea with another very quiet day despite the strong winds of the week. As I came back to Crail I watched a cormorant in Roome Bay come up with a flatfish three times as big as its head. A great black-backed gull came straight in as the cormorant struggled with the fish, desperately trying to fit it into its bill. The cormorant finally managed it but the gull nearly got lucky. I could see the clear shape of the flatfish distending the cormorants neck, making it look like a pelican.

One of the Balcomie dunlins

Posted October 22, 2017 by wildcrail in Sightings

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