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I had been wishing for some easterly gales and at last we have had some. Very murky weather and heavy rain yesterday brought in huge numbers of redwings all over the east coast. There were hundreds, maybe thousands, at Kilminning this morning. Every tree and bush gave off a cloud of birds as I approached and there were lots of birds feeding on the ground in the newly sprouting wheat fields. A lot of blackbirds have also come in. I checked them carefully for ring ouzels but no luck. There were a couple of mistle thrushes, fieldfares and a handful of song thrushes among the redwings. There were lots of bramblings too – the most I have ever seen in a single day at Kilminning – probably 200. Mixed in were tens of redpolls – one feeding on the ground with some linnets identifiable as a lesser redpoll – and some siskins. I didn’t find any woodcock though. They usually come in with a fall of blackbirds and I bet there are some about: I did have a snipe flying over. I think the easterly winds may have only lasted long enough to bring in some of the local birds migrating from Scandinavia. Still it was a great hour spent at Kilminning this morning with birds everywhere and every thrush, finch and bunting needed to be checked just in case. I think the weekend may well turn up something more interesting with just a bit more checking.


Posted October 20, 2017 by wildcrail in Sightings

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