October 11th   2 comments

I was out at Fife Ness in the beautiful late afternoon sunlight talking to STV about the proposed mega wind farm 15 kilometres out. The turbines will be legion and they will be 190 meters tall. The horizon will show a line of the turbines and even at that distance you will be able to see the top 170 meters of them. I’m not worried about the view. I am worried about the seabirds. Everything that breeds in the Forth on the May Island and on the Bass Rock will shuttle back and forth past the wind farm. As I have written already, perhaps not a big problem on a calm, well-lit summer’s evening, but perhaps a huge problem in a force 10 gale on a February night. The real issue is there are a lot of perhaps in play. We really don’t know whether putting a wind farm out there will be a disaster for seabirds or not. On the precautionary principle we should really find out before we do – and this is the basis of the RSPB’s current challenge to the scheme in the highest court. I don’t think we will know until we have put them out there. Wind turbines per se don’t do much damage unless they are in the wrong place: siting is everything. My real concern is that it will be hard to work out if the turbines are in the wrong place because their damage is likely to be done gradually and relatively invisibly out in the North Sea. We will only know when the seabird colonies start to decline. So much better to put the turbines on farmland where there are already few birds and we can keep an eye on them, and easily remove any turbines that prove to be in the wrong place. There are no voters worried about the view in the North Sea though.

Fly on you crazy gannet

Posted October 11, 2017 by wildcrail in Sightings

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  1. I worry about the thousands of passerine migrants coming to our shore every Autumn, Will there be navigation lights involved?,

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