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The barnacle geese finally came in today, although when I checked the date of their arrival last year, they are only two days later. I counted over 400 passing in a couple of hours, coming over Fife Ness and along the shore past Crail or much further out and heading straight for the Lothians. They were in flocks of between 20 and 100, typically a bit more ragged than pink-feet, with clusters and bumps and rarely anything like a V. The pink-feets are still coming in as well but I only about 100 today.

Barnacle geese passing Fife Ness

The barred warbler is still in residence at the bottom of Kilminning. It was seen a couple of times this morning but I didn’t see it. The elderberries are beginning to run out and the barred warbler seems to have gone back to its skulking habits. I did see a couple of redwings and two willow warblers. There was a northern wheatear again in the first stubble field on the right as you head out of Crail before the airfield.

There was almost no wind today and the sea was very flat out from Fife Ness. I could see a long way. Far enough to see a few little gulls dipping up and down a couple of kilometres out. There was a steady passage of birds in small numbers: common scoter, teal, red-throated divers and skylarks. Three grey plover stopped off briefly on the rocks. Later past Crail I saw a great northern diver passing east, a manx shearwater and far out a couple of skuas. One an arctic/long-tailed type and the other probably a pomarine skua, looking heavy and determined – but at 3 kilometers or so distance out, tricky to be sure.

Grey Plover

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