October 2nd   2 comments

The gales weren’t as violent today as predicted but there were still strong westerly winds all day, pushing the waves into white horses and shooting the birds past Crail. But some were fighting the wind. This morning I watched a flock of 20 house martins (the first for a week) above Denburn  suddenly gathering themselves together and then pushing into the wind to battle westwards. There were flocks of meadow pipits doing the same this evening. And then out in the Forth, big Vs of pink-footed geese as the sun set, flying over the May Island, due west from the North Sea. I can only think that all three species had been blown off course as they migrated last night and were compensating. We usually have a pulse of pink-footed geese and barnacle geese at this time of year coming from Spitsbergen. They arrive from the north-west and so the pink-feet this evening weren’t too far off course if this where they started out.

More pink-footed geese in this evening

Posted October 2, 2017 by wildcrail in Sightings

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  1. October 2nd?

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