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The easterly winds continued yesterday along with heavy rain. A few things have appeared on the May Island so there was hope during a lunchtime visit to Kilminning this afternoon. It soon evaporated – a couple of chiff-chaffs but otherwise the woods and bushes were empty. It is barred warbler season so there could have been one or two of them about. They are very skulking and you have to be very lucky – so a false negative today or a true negative? The best scenario is to find a couple of easy minor rarities like a redstart or a pied flycatcher, then more birders come out and if there are enough skulking around Kilminning then the skulking barred warblers get spotted. Of course, when you know one is there, that it is really is a false negative, you invest the time and get to see it yourself. But with the feeling that today was a true negative, I headed home after about half an hour. The migrant season has just started so it’s just as well to get work done when it is quiet, ready for when we get a proper spell of easterlies.

The first gannets of the year are starting to fledge. They are dark brown at a distance and full of fat so fly in quite a heavy fashion making them very distinctive. A few end up sitting on the rocks of Crail pathetically as if helpless but they are just coming to terms with being independent and their fat will keep them going for quite a while.

Gannets – an adult, a newly fledged juvenile and a 3rd year (left to right)

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