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The seals out at Fife Ness were singing very loudly today. It was the dominant sound: a low mournful moaning, sometimes almost becoming a hooting wail or even a crying baby. I could see four large grey seals hauled up on the rocks, so close they were practically lying on each other, all singing together like a fat barber shop quartet. It’s an evocative noise and usually it’s always there at low tide at Fife Ness, subliminally in the background – but you have to concentrate or be aware of it to notice what it is – but not today. I should think the golfers were glad to get to the 18th.

Grey seal

The dominant noise in Crail this evening was the sea. A sure sign the wind had shifted round to the south-east. There were a lot of seabirds rattling past close in as a consequence: manx shearwaters and fulmars particularly and even a few late season puffins.

Most of the puffins have gone back out to sea now, although there are still a few late breeders passing Crail on their way to and from the May


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