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The shore north of Balcomie Beach still has lots of waders coming and going. Today there were 35 sanderling, 20 dunlin, 15 turnstone and a couple of whimbrel. Some of the sanderling and dunlin were barely out of winter plumage and must be non-breeders this year but most looked like they were going to the party rather than staying at home. Again all ridiculously tame, landing on the high tideline to feed only 15 meters away from me. Sanderling make a soft “zwick” call which doesn’t carry far but they were so close and calling constantly today that the main background sound on the beach was a gentle clicking. That and the disgruntled churring of the juvenile starlings trying to coax another meal from the parents they are still chasing. They are forming juvenile flocks now, probably to their parent’s great relief, and are heading off independently along the shore to feed among the rich piles of rotting seaweed.

A summer plumage dunlin at Balcomie

Posted June 4, 2017 by wildcrail in Sightings

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