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I still can’t quite lay to rest the idea that spring migration is over. Another day of easterlies and rain showers overnight got me hoping again. This evening there was a cracking new male wheatear on the beach at Fife Ness, enjoying the huge numbers of seaweed maggots and flies emerging from the rotting piles of kelp brought in by two weeks of easterlies. One migrant at least and like the waders of last week it may well be on schedule for a June breeding season in northern Greenland. The waders themselves were nowhere to be seen at Balcomie so they may have moved on.

Male wheatear on Balcomie Beach feeding on seaweed flies

The rain has brought a lot of snails out into my back garden. Last year my daughter caught some of our garden snails for the Crail Primary School summer fair – for snail racing of course – and marked each individual with a number in turquoise nail varnish. They were released back into the garden last June. And some of them were on the prowl in the garden last night! So snails live a long time (well this makes sense when you find them snoozing the winter away in big clumps) and also, snail racing (and turquoise nail varnish) probably doesn’t do them any long term harm. It might do them some good – if I was a predator I would keep well away from a violet snail.

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