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Balcomie Beach and the rocky shore to the north is full of waders. All the high Arctic late season specialists on their way north for a June start to the breeding season. This evening there were 60+ sanderling, 40+ ringed plover, 50+ turnstone and 10+ dunlin. I have never seen so many waders down on Balcomie Beach. The ringed plover were particularly noticeable. I expect only a handful of pairs breeding along the beach there at this time of year and even in early winter you might only see 20 ringed plover on a good day. They were all noticeably tame. I approached a mixed flock on the beach to just a few meters before they flew a short distance away. Perhaps they breed so far north and winter on such a remote African beach that they never see people.

One of the many ringed plover at Balcomie at the moment

On my way home I had a close encounter with a handsome fox at Kilminning reserve. With the strong wind blowing in from the sea and the noise of the surf it didn’t notice me approaching and I watched it stalking through the grass relatively closely. It eventually spotted me as I pushed my luck and crept closer, running off to cover of the scrub above the reserve. Any evening is livened up by a fox sighting.

A fox in Crail this May – in John’s garden at Bow Butts rather than out at Kilminning

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