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The cold easterlies continue with hints of exciting birds passing. Yesterday there was a flock of 12 pomarine skuas past Fife Ness and today a wryneck seen briefly at Kilrenny. I went to Fife Ness this evening and will try Kilrenny tomorrow. Fife Ness wasn’t ever going to repeat the excitement that yesterday must have provided, but it was still a beautiful evening and I watched hundreds of the usual seabirds stream past including 5 manx shearwaters in the hour I watched. There were still a lot of kittiwakes and common gulls passing. The only terns I saw were sandwich terns and in small numbers. A flock of 20 sanderling and several flocks of common scoter headed north. A highlight was a red-throated diver with the wind behind it flying past at about 60 km an hour – hard to judge exactly, but it was going the fastest I have ever seen a diver go, with its wings practically blurring like an auk. A bird in a hurry – late for a rendezvous with its mate on a Sutherland or Shetland loch perhaps.

A red-throated diver in a hurry

Posted May 8, 2017 by wildcrail in Sightings

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