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There was a cold easterly wind today – tomorrow there might well be a black redstart at Fife Ness. The sea was disappointing today: only gannets passing a little closer in and almost nothing else.

One of the gannets passing close in today

I took a walk around Kilrenny mid-morning. Despite the cold everything is cranking up for breeding. The tree sparrows were everywhere very busy chirping in pairs and hanging around the nest boxes. There was a fair bit of robin, great tit, blackbird and chaffinch song, with skylarks and a corn bunting singing in the adjacent field. I found my first Crail area lesser black-backed gull of the year amongst a flock of herring gulls in a winter wheat field. Like chiff-chaffs, these summer migrants have become more and more resident over the last 40 years. My bird today could have been newly arrived from Morocco for the summer or one of the handful of birds that winter around Cellardyke. I will go for newly arrived migrant just because it appeals more to me, and in any case it is no. 102 for the Crail year list.

A tree sparrow checking out its nest box

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