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A grey heron at the Cambo heronry

A grey heron at the Cambo heronry

I am seeing the grey herons back up on their nests daily. They will be getting ready for their early season. The heronry is along the main road just after the entrance to Cambo on the way to Kingsbarns. There are several nests there in the tops of the pine trees, but they are surprisingly difficult to see from the road unless there is a heron flying in to give them away. There has been an occasional heron standing on the half built nest in the tree behind Crail Kirk too. A few years ago I got quite excited at the prospect of a new heronry forming actually in Crail but it didn’t materialise. Maybe this year. Denburn would be a great place for a heronry.

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  1. The herons that you speak of can be seen “sunning” themselves in the field opposite the tree-nesting spot you speak of in your article. The herons are there almost every day, and can be seen from the 95 bus from Crail to St Andrews or on the return trip from St Andrews to Crail.

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