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If you have a garden that backs on to the fields around Crail you will have noticed that you occasionally get a pheasant coming in, especially if you have a bird feeder with lots of seed being spilled on the ground. Pheasants are native to China and were probably introduced by the Romans. They have been here so long now that they are an integral part of the British landscape, although in many places their presence is in fact due to thousands of birds being released every year for shooting. But they breed successfully and do very well without our support. Even if they do have a predilection for any seed left out for them or any other species for that matter. I have even had them in my garden right in the centre of Crail – gardens also have the advantage of being fairly predator free, although the last time I had a pheasant around the garden, it was also being visited by a fox. Perhaps no coincidence that both disappeared shortly afterwards.

Pheasant on its way to John's bird table

Pheasant on its way to John’s bird table

Posted January 31, 2017 by wildcrail in Sightings

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