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I spent a couple of hours in the Patch at Fife Ness this morning. I managed to find a lesser whitethroat and a pied flycatcher, both of which had been reported yesterday. It was instructive as usual to spend a long time looking for them and only to see the pied flycatcher after about an hour. You really have to work an area to see what is there when the leaves are still mostly on the trees, and then you probably don’t see the half of it. But again there was plenty to look at today: goldcrests everywhere, several chiff-chaffs and blackcaps, and a flock of noisy tree sparrows zooming overhead in the usual autumn indecision about what to do the fact that they have dispersed as far as they can in Fife without a sea crossing. There was no sense that more birds had come in overnight: nothing more than yesterday was reported and there were a lot of birders out looking today. I spent the afternoon enjoying the restless pair of robins in my back garden and their epic singing battle to keep the status quo in the face of all the incomers. It seems such a civilised way to resolve differences, although I shouldn’t think the robins think about it that way.

A Robin - lots of migrants upsetting the residents at the moment

A Robin – lots of migrants upsetting the residents at the moment

Posted October 10, 2016 by wildcrail in Sightings

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