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On Friday the winds were south-east and there were heavy rain showers so there was a slight optimism in my heart this morning. There were some migrants but all from the west. The stubble field just by Pinkerton had over 200 meadow pipits in it first thing. At the Patch at Fife Ness there was a flock of newly arrived siskins – wintering birds feeding alongside a flock of summering willow warblers in the pines – all going south but some nearly there and some just starting. There were a lot of sea birds apparently passing Fife Ness. Amongst the hundreds of kittiwakes were some little gulls – no. 149 for the year list. There are always little gulls out at Fife Ness during late August and September but they usually stay so far out that they are only, at best, smaller dots amongst the larger kittiwakes. But with south-easterlies they get pushed a bit closer in. The same is true of the skuas that hound the gulls and terns; there were three arctic skuas a bit closer in today. It is hard to tell quite what is passing and what is just visible for the day because of the on shore winds: a bit of both probably. The red-throated divers today were probably all on their way somewhere – a steady stream of birds labouring past into the Forth. One of them stood out as larger, more black and white and straighter (red-throateds usually have a hump-backed look) – a black-throated diver – no. 150 for the Crail year list.

Little gull - no. 149 for the Crail year list, off Fife Ness today

Little gull – no. 149 for the Crail year list, off Fife Ness today

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