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John texted me this evening that he had found a little stint on Balcomie Beach. The first new bird for the Crail year list since June and one that we only get every couple of years. I probably beat my record for getting down to Fife Ness quickly and then to really get into the spirit I sprinted down from the car park to join John by the beach. Probably a bit unnecessary for a little stint but it felt good to be chasing a new (ish) bird after a week away from new birds every day. The little stint didn’t need the dash – it was obliging and obvious with a flock of ringed plover, dunlin and sanderling trotting along the strandline. John and I discussed the ethics of getting closer – there is always the risk of disturbing a rare bird so it leaves before others get to see it – but it was taken out of our hands by a noisy, large family of dog walkers that suddenly appeared and duly chased the flock away. Balcomie Beach is fairly large so the flock just moved up and down out of their way, landing quite close to us as we remained still. If you can fly humans are just a nuisance, although when it is cold such disturbances can make a make difference. I should think the stint will be there tomorrow. Number 132 for the Crail year list and good to get back to adding to it – the first proper migrant of the season.

The little stint on Balcomie Beach this evening

The little stint on Balcomie Beach this evening

Posted August 5, 2016 by wildcrail in Sightings

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