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Female common redstart - no. 114 for the Crail year list

Female common redstart – no. 114 for the Crail year list

With the heavy rain showers overnight and this morning I headed out to Fife Ness at lunchtime with some optimism. The wind had shifted slightly to the north-east and it was still raining so I didn’t find much – still only chiff-chaffs around the Patch. I stopped on the way back at Kilminning to listed for willow warblers; considering the weather even of some had been about I doubt they would have been singing. As I came back into Crail and got a mobile signal again I got a text from Fife Bird News saying that a common redstart had been found at Kilminning. Frustratingly the location was given only as Kilmining and it’s a big place to search when you should really be back to work. I headed straight back out to Kilminning to give it a quick go nonetheless. Some years I see one or two common redstarts but some years none so I couldn’t afford to let this one slip away from the year list. I started searching at the sea end of Kilminning – the trees there are like the open scrubby woodland they like on their wintering grounds in the Sahel. No luck so I headed to the north end of Kilminning and searched the pines along the main road – the trees there are more like their breeding habitat in Scandinavia. I literally was making my last minute of search that I already couldn’t afford when it popped up on a low pine branch in front of me. A female common redstart – pale milky tea brown with its distinctive red tail. When I checked my year lists this evening I found it was my first Crail common redstart since 2012 – a great addition to the current year list then and well worth the extra trip back out in the rain.

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  1. Hi Will. Last week we had a male common redstart in our garden on at least 3 days. It sat on our low fence on to Kirkmay Farm field at Carr Crescent. It stayed for 5-10 minutes evert time and dropped down to our grass every so often, obviously getting food. It liked the tallest post an sat there quite happily. I thought at first it was a robin but soon realised it was a redstart. We have not seen it in the last few days.

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