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Female black redstart

Female black redstart – no. 110 for the Crail year list

The heavy rain showers and the south-easterlies of yesterday have brought down ring ouzels and black redstarts all along the east coast. I sat at work today looking out at the bright day and lamenting my lack of an opportunity to scour Fife Ness to find our share. Sure enough a couple of black redstarts were reported in the afternoon from the coastal path by Fife Ness (along with some wheatears and a swallow). I managed to make a quick dash to see them on my way home. They had moved from the spot where they had been reported. All I found was John Anderson who had staked out the location for the last hour unsuccessfully. I widened the search area and eventually found a female black redstart, now around the lighthouse, right on the tip of the Ness. Number 110 for the year list and a great one to get – I can go a couple of years without seeing one for the Crail list. It was a lovely evening even without the redstart; lots of gannets and eiders shuttling by close in with the occasional red-throated diver and red-breasted merganser glowing in the evening sunlight. A male wheatear on the rocks topped it all off.

Posted April 6, 2016 by wildcrail in Sightings

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