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There are a few very common bird species that don’t get to Crail very often – long-tailed tits, bullfinches and jays. I have probably seen more yellow-browed warblers here than all three species combined. Jays are particularly rare and I only had my second sighting of one ever flying into a group of oak trees just by the Fairmont Hotel today. Technically on the wrong side of the hotel which marks the boundary of my 10 km radius from Crail that I consider my patch, but jays are too special not to make it onto this year’s list because of a hundred meters. I suppose I could have seen it from the patch… Anyway there seem to be a lot of jays about this year and there was one reported from Kilmininng a couple of weeks ago so there may well be some coming in from Scandinavia. Jays are handsome, interesting birds. Massive predators but clever and resourceful, and still thriving despite a lot of persecution. It is the lack of woodland with oak trees and the isolation of what bits of woodland we do have that will be responsible for them being so rare around Crail.

Jay - a real Crail rarity

Jay – a real Crail rarity

Posted October 22, 2015 by wildcrail in Sightings

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