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Although the 3 month migration season, when anything might turn up in Crail, has started, it didn’t start with a bang today. Our first good bit of easterly winds and rain showers, along with goodies dropping onto the May and at other places on the East coast, didn’t result in anything this morning. There were just some willow warblers (fewer than the weekend), a couple of chiff-chaffs and a garden warbler at Kilminning. Still if you don’t check, you don’t find. I met a few others out hoping to start “the season” off well so if there had been anything about there was some chance of someone finding it. It is hard at this time of year though, with all the leaves still on the trees: for every willow warbler I saw I heard another two. If there had been a silent greenish warbler about (the mid-August rarity) it would have been tricky to find.

There are a lot of golden plover about Crail at least just now. A flock of about 200 is wandering between Saucehope and Anstruther and often flying right above Crail. Listen for their fluting mournful whistles and look for a tight flickering flock of pigeon-like birds. If you get a closer look they are a mixture of handsome black-bellied summer plumage birds and bright, clean winter plumage or juvenile birds, with some more raggedy in between birds.

A mixed flock of summer and moulting into winter plumage golden plovers

A mixed flock of summer and moulting into winter plumage golden plovers

Posted August 20, 2015 by wildcrail in Sightings

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