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All week sandwich terns have been passing Crail heading east and eventually north when they pass Fife Ness. There must have been hundreds per hour passing mid-week. Sandwich terns are easy to spot – large and gull like but with short tails, long pointed bills and square ended heads so they look like pale pterodactyls. And they call constantly with a shrill “keer – ro – rick”. I’ve said it before but it really is the late summer sound of Crail: once you get your ear in you realise there are sandwich terns passing constantly at this time of year. The terns are often very close in and cut the corner so they fly right over Crail. Sandwich terns spend a month or two wandering around the North Sea coast after breeding so we will be likely seeing Dutch, French, English and German tourists passing by.

Sandwich tern

Sandwich tern

Posted August 8, 2015 by wildcrail in Sightings

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