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Willow warbler

Willow warbler

There were some easterly and southerly winds mid-week. The haar was in as a consequence making it feel much less warm than recently. We then had rain showers on Friday night. Perfect for a migrant fall. Good winds to drift the birds over and then the rain to bring them down. With all the good weather recently everything has not been stopping with us and has passed over. Today though Denburn was full of blackcaps and willow warblers. They were all feeding hard and there was barely any song – none at all from the blackcaps. These were all migrants on their way to somewhere else just using Denburn as a refuelling point. There were willow warblers and blackcaps in all of the woodland clumps between Crail and Fife Ness. There were a lot of swallows about today as well. First thing, as the rain cleared, there were about 10 swallows in Roome Bay zooming low over the rocks. Later on in the afternoon they had all moved on north. It is still early in the year and that nothing else turned up – sedge warblers or whitethroats for example – again shows that it is a late spring. A similar fall in late May rather than April brings in a much bigger range and, if we are lucky, rarities like shrikes.

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