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I keep going backwards and forwards over whether the spring is late or not. I did my usual circuit of Wormiston, Fife Ness, Balcomie and Kilminning this morning and only saw two swallows at Balcomie and a single chiffchaff at Kilminning. The swallows were mostly resting on wires and I suspect they had just arrived. Time for a preen and a stretch after their journey at best from West Africa and at worst all the way from South Africa. To be a swallow is to fly all day so I suppose a directed flight rather than the back and forth one they will make all summer at Balcomie is much the same to them. I suspect I am anthropomorphising but, even so, they both looked decidedly tired and sleepy in the early morning sunshine.

I sat at Fife Ness for half an hour looking over an almost flat calm. I saw my first sandwich terns of the year. They were passing at a rate of one or two every ten minutes. Most years they start to arrive in the first week of April so they are definitely late. There were a lot of auks passing – guillemots and razorbills and possibly a couple of puffins further out. The shore in contrast was very quiet, only an oystercatcher – the local redshanks, sanderlings and turnstones seem to have already moved on.

Sandwich tern

Sandwich tern

Posted April 18, 2015 by wildcrail in Sightings

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