April 5th   Leave a comment

Easter Sunday always seems to be a beautiful day in Crail and this year was no different. The herring gulls got their annual feed of hard-boiled eggs because of the egg-rolling down at Roome Bay. They were so distracted that they ignored the occasional buzzard soaring over as the haar retreated and the day warmed up. It made me realise that the adult herring gulls are not that bothered by passing buzzards – they can take or leave them – and when they have something better to do they ignore them. It is a bit different later on when they have chicks conspicuous and vulnerable on rooftops and they certainly keep their distance from buzzards when following the plough. But a soaring buzzard over Crail at this time of year is just a reminder of a menace rather than any real threat to the gulls.



Posted April 5, 2015 by wildcrail in Sightings

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