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There were a lot of thrushes in at Kilminning this morning. Clouds of redwings lifting out of the bushes and heading inland after a night over the North Sea and blackbirds dashing everywhere. Most of them were sooty young males on their first migration from Scandinavia and also on their way deeper into Scotland or England for the winter. A woodcock flushed from the bushes just in front of me as I watched the thrushes. Another overnight arrival. It shook itself and shuffled back into cover looking embarrassed. If there is ever a competition for the top comedy British bird then a woodcock is going to be a strong contender, although maybe a puffin might clinch top spot. A woodcock and lots of thrushes is a great sign of more good birds to come as the easterlies continue. There is still a yellow-browed warbler down at Kilminning to make any eastern vagrants feel at home. Rain showers are forecast for tomorrow evening so Friday may be a very good day.

A young male blackbird refuelling after crossing the North Sea

A young male blackbird refuelling after crossing the North Sea

The seabird show continued today. A juvenile long-tailed skua shearwatering  past, a couple of great skuas making heavier going of it, some little gulls and a continuous stream of kittiwakes going east past Crail in the 30 or so minutes I watched today. The number of kittiwakes (and auks and gannets) passing is huge. In a typical minute I counted 72 kittiwakes going by, and this was going on all day…

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