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I took an hour off at mid-day to go to see the wryneck at Boarhills. After the success of the weekend perhaps it was inevitable that my luck would change. It was a nice spot by Buddo Rock and a warm, sunny day for a trip out from the office but no wryneck. I had missed it by only 30 minutes. As I searched the rocks fruitlessly my first flock of barnacle geese for the winter flew over low heading south. Nearly as nice as a wryneck sighting.

The first barnacle geese of the winter

The first barnacle geese of the winter


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  1. Hi Will
    My name is Barry Forbes I have met you a few times recently at Kilminning. I showed you the pics of a Red Backed Shrike. Just to let you know for your records i found and photographed a Barred Warbler ( i think ! ) on Sunday at around 3.30pm. It was near where i saw the shrike , bushes beside the big building at carpark. If you send me your email address i can forward you a couple of pics for conformation. Email-

    Kind Regards
    Barry Forbes

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