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Migrant willow warbler

Migrant willow warbler

I have been out at dawn both today and yesterday looking for migrants as we continue with light easterly winds and the occasional rain shower to bring them down. There have been yellow-browed warblers reported now from both Kilminning and Balcomie and a barred warbler down at Kilminning. The trees are still covered with leaves and so it is difficult to track these birds down and both days I have been unlucky. I’m not sure anyone has actually seen a yellow-browed warbler yet, instead they have heard their distinctive call coming from the tops of the dense sycamores. Yellow-browed warbler calls are now hard-wired into my nervous system after more than a decade of autumns in Crail so I certainly haven’t overlooked a calling bird. Sometimes they call and make it easy but mostly they don’t. And when you only have an hour before work to find one in the haar it’s even trickier. Tomorrow maybe. This morning my consolation was a couple of pied flycatchers at Kilminning, a chiff-chaff or two, and a lot of willow warblers. Yesterday it was a lone snipe, atypically resting in the open in the middle of a harrowed field, probably exhausted after a night crossing the North sea.

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