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The wind continued easterly last night and then there were heavy rain showers early this morning – a perfect recipe for some migrants this morning. I went out after lunch after it had brightened up to see what had come in. Sadly not much. Nice to be outside in the returned warm sunshine but nothing really to find in the end. I checked out Balcomie and Kilminning and only saw one clear migrant, a pied flycatcher in the rowans at the top end of Kilminning. Lovely to see (and hear) and my first for the year, but not the tens of them I might hope to see in a good fall of migrants, and of course not quite the rarity that I was hoping for. A willow warbler got me going briefly because I was hoping so much. The bright sunshine made me think it looked very bright and a bit greenish – I was hoping for a very rare greenish warbler which is a classic east coast August fall bird and one I have only seen once in my time at Crail. But no, expectation is the mother of invention in birding and I came to my senses. It really had nothing going for it to be a greenish except my desire for it to be one. I wasn’t the only hopeful birder out and about but nothing else turned up during the day. Once again I think we were just a little too far north and a little unlucky. Still it’s early autumn days and by next week who knows what might be about.

An August willow warbler

An August willow warbler

Posted August 28, 2014 by wildcrail in Sightings

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