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There are almost no pools left in the East Neuk this year to attract the August passing waders. 2012 was a very, very wet summer and there were several even just around Crail so I had an enjoyable time checking them out in hope. There has been less rain this year and the farmers have been hard at work draining all the boggy field corners and filling in the dips. The result is a much duller landscape and much less hope. But Chris Smout let me know last Friday that there was still one pool left, just past the Kenly farm turnoff when you turn off the St Andrews road by Boarhills. It’s a fairly modest pool – no more than wheel tracks filled in with water at a field edge. But that’s enough. There are four dull looking male mallards there looking for the quiet life as they moult, and this morning a green sandpiper. They don’t need much, any quiet inland pool will do. As sandpipers migrate they must see even these tiny pools as conspicuous flashes of silver far below them. The green sandpiper was feeding in the wet wheel ruts and took off as I approached for a closer look. They look like a bit like bats with jerky wing beats and wings held half closed when they fly. It circled round for a bit and came back to the pool as I left to continue its refuelling before resuming its journey south.

Green sandpiper

Green sandpiper

Posted August 18, 2014 by wildcrail in Sightings

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