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It was much windier down at Fife Ness today. Proper breakers and seabirds screaming past. Gannets are so much more agile and capable when the wind gets up: seabirds only really make sense on a windy day. No chance of seeing whales but I think my luck there has been spent for a few years. Hundreds of gannets and kittiwakes passed Fife Ness during the hour and a half that I spent there this morning, but only a handful of manx shearwaters and one great skua, indicative that anything very interesting was passing well out to sea, blown out by the strong westerlies. There were a lot of sandwich terns passing close by however, coming round the Ness and heading north. At one point a flock of 8 tree sparrows flew over my head out to sea before losing their nerve and heading back. Every year they seem to try to disperse, but every year they reach the edge of Fife, accumulating at the Ness for a few weeks before they give up and head back inland.

Sandwich terns passing Fife Ness

Sandwich terns passing Fife Ness

Posted August 16, 2014 by wildcrail in Sightings

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