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I was expecting a good day today. It’s been easterlies for about 5 days now and we had rain yesterday which then brings the migrants down. It’s still a bit early in the season for really rare birds but even so a wryneck was seen in Anstruther late yesterday afternoon. I was there an hour later in the rain and the fog. I spent an hour looking along the Dreel Burn where it was first seen, and the allotments where it was last seen, but no luck. It was a fairly miserable evening and I could easily imagine the wryneck nicely tucked up early in a bush out of sight. Wrynecks eat ants and I can’t imagine there were many about last night. Still if you don’t look you certainly won’t see. I did enjoy seeing the 20 or so tiny mallard ducklings at the mouth of the Dreel Burn as I left to catch the bus back to Crail.

This morning it was still foggy and not the best conditions for seeing anything. I walked around Denburn, Kilminning and Fife Ness during the morning and was rewarded with quite a few willow warblers and chiff-chaffs: maybe 25 in total with about three willow warblers for every one chiff-chaff. The only more unusual migrants I found were a northern wheatear on the beach at Fife Ness and a lesser whitethroat at Kilminning. The latter quite a good bird – I might only see one or two a year around Crail. I suspect there are better things about but I was the only birder out at Fife Ness today and I certainly missed a lot in the fog. The winds remain easterly for the weekend with further showers so it may yet get more exciting this week.

There were a lot more swallows about today and yesterday I saw my first house martin of the year along Roome Bay Avenue.

Male northern wheatear

Male northern wheatear

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  1. I was on holiday in Crail last week and enjoyed the Crail news leaflet I picked up in the Honeypot. While walking in Denburn Woods on the 23rd I think I might have seen a Treecreeper. It was running up a tree just like a mouse. I have never seen one before. Very new to bird watching!

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