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A redshank dodging the waves at high tide

A redshank dodging the waves at high tide

I was expecting a much larger effect on the birds after the storms and very high tides of yesterday. I was down at the harbour yesterday afternoon two hours before high tide and already Harbour Beach was practically gone. The redshanks will have had to roost on the harbour or the cliffs at Roome Bay and will have had several hours of normal feeding time taken away. But today they seemed fine and if anything they may have benefitted with lots of easily available sandhoppers that were washed up by the storms. It has got colder though so they will need this bonus.

Every so often John posts a photo which stops me in my tracks. The red-breasted merganser one below is one of these. Red-breasted mergansers are always beautiful but they are also part of the wild seascape: this gets at both.

rb merg 2

Male red-breasted merganser – occasionally in Roome Bay and always off Fife Ness during the winter

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