March 10th   5 comments

Grey heronat Cambo  on a better day than today. Back to the drawing board for nest repair next week I think.

Grey heronat Cambo on a better day than today. Back to the drawing board for nest repair next week I think.

The sea was still fairly wild today. Out at Fife Ness the eiders were all sitting it out on the sea. Heads tucked under their bills bobbing easily in the waves. None of them were feeding. I imagine the visibility underwater is nil with the breakers churning everything up. I should think they were cosy enough roosting on the water with their famous down jackets and a big duck like an eider can afford not to feed for a day or two. Elsewhere at Fife Ness it was very quiet – hardly any small birds to be seen or heard. All taking shelter from the snow showers rolling in from the North Sea.

The grey herons have been busy for the last two weeks putting sticks into their nests at Cambo. Although they use the same nests from year to year, they need to rebuild them each spring. Winter gales like the one this weekend wreak havoc to the large structures. I should think they will be back to rebuilding in a couple of days when the weather settles down again.

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  1. Thank you so much for your informative daily posts. I didn’t realise there are so many different species of birds to be seen around Crail. Looking forward to another season at my caravan at Sauchope, and I’ll certainly be watching the birds more keenly thanks to you. Keep the posts coming. Thanks. Christine from Glasgow.

    Christine Duncan
  2. Hello, I love your blog and all the info about wildlife around Crail. I can’t wait to see some of it when I come to for the Crail Food Festival in June
    I wonder if you could maybe think about writing a blog post on the camera you use, as the pictures are so clear and vibrant. Thanks Vohn

  3. Awesome thanks! I feel several hours of my life are about to disappear looking at gorgeous photos! Vohn

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