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LLLR in Cellardyke - one of my Crail redshanks showing divided loyalty

LLLR in Cellardyke – one of my Crail redshanks showing divided loyalty

I had a tip off that one of my colour-ringed redshanks had been seen in Ansrututher harbour on Wednesday. I went down to have a look today to see if I could find out which one it was. All my redshanks have 4 unique rings, two on each leg above their knees. They also all have two tall dark blue ones below the knee which are my scheme identifier. Even with a good view it’s tough to see all of the crucial four rings above the knee that I need to identify it as an individual. I finally tracked the bird down at Kilrenny Mill on the shore at Cellardyke. It was LLLR (lime above lime left leg, lime above red right leg) a bird I hadn’t seen in Crail since last November. Normally the adult redshanks in Crail stay put over the winter and I think this may be the case here, just that this bird has two winter homes. I caught the bird as an adult in a net across the harbour mouth on the 10th January 2012. I then didn’t see it again until July last year, and I then saw it regularly up until November, when it disappeared again. I think LLLR may spend half the winter in Crail and the second half in Cellardyke. I will have to see if it does the same next winter. This bird does complicate my estimates of survival a bit – when an adult redshank disappears from Crail mid-winter I usually assume it has died, but if some have sites outwith Crail that they might visit during the winter then they may just be somewhere else. As long as they come back to Crail though, I will see them so I just have to keep watching.

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