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The brent goose down at Roome Bay this afternoon enjoying the algae

The brent goose down at Roome Bay this afternoon enjoying the algae

There is a pale-bellied brent goose down on the weedy rocks just below the play park at Roome Bay. Last year there was one there for a few days around the 18th Februrary. I bet it is the same goose. Wintering birds are creatures of habit and go back to the same sites each year, whether it’s a whitethroat to the same bush in the middle of Nigeria, or a redshank to Crail harbour. It’s a bit wary but tolerant of people walking on the path above it, so it’s a great opportunity to see a brent goose at close quarters.

The stubble field just north of Saucehope caravan park was full of birds this afternoon. Hundreds of starlings and linnets, and a full set of buntings: yellowhammers, reed buntings, a couple of corn buntings and probably a lapland bunting. I had a couple of tantalising views of what was probably a lapland bunting but the other species made it difficult to keep track of the bird in question. Later in the afternoon one was reported from the same field so that seems a bit too coincidental for me not to have seen one today. But it doesn’t really count on the Crail year list unless I’m sure so I will try to track it down again tomorrow.


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