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Kestrel - keeping out of the way of the peregrines

Kestrel – keeping out of the way of the peregrines

I saw a peregrine pass over my garden this morning – on its own and probably an adult female. There was a kestrel hovering over the gardens by the Brandyburn. It saw the peregrine too and responded by soaring rapidly up to the same height as the peregrine and then heading off in the opposite direction. Peregrines have been known to hunt and catch kestrels and they also rob them of their prey so the two don’t mix from the kestrel’s point of view. Lots of potential prey species of peregrines respond by trying to get above the peregrine so removing its ability to stoop down on them. The regularly hunting peregrine, or peregrines, above Crail just now will be affecting the distribution and behaviour of their prey – the gulls, waders, pigeons and starlings – but also the other “lesser” predators like sparrowhawks and kestrels that are also potential targets of a seriously hunting peregrine. The small birds that peregrines ignore, but that are usually threatened by sparrowhawks and occasionally kestrels may then have it a bit easier.

Posted January 19, 2013 by wildcrail in Sightings

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