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More contrast, but back to the dreich. There has been a strong south-easterly gale blowing up all day. There were a few gannets blown by which is unusual for December, a few kittiwakes too but not the seabirds we would hope for if we had these winds in late summer or autumn.

I went to Kilrenny after lunch although it was already getting darker. There is a lot of management going on in the wood. A lot of trees being thinned out – mostly sycamores and non-native conifers and a lot of trees being planted (presumably native species). It was very quiet with all the birds apparently in one big mixed flock at the far end. The chaffinches looked like they were already going to roost fed up with the grey day. The mood was emphasised as I walked back along the west edge of the wood. There used to be a wide field margin to walk on but it has now been ploughed and planted right up to centimeters from the wood. Everywhere the little precious margins to the fields that provide what little habitat there is are being eaten up.

Female chaffinch - not taken today - far too grey and murky for photos

Female chaffinch – not taken today – far too grey and murky for photos


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