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First thing this morning I spotted a spotted flycatcher in my garden. I have been hoping for one in the garden for years and the winds last week brought in a few to Crail so I was even a bit hopeful. I got lucky at last this morning. One of my favourite birds, just sitting on the telephone wire right outside my son’s window as I had a quick look at the sea through my telescope. The same wire has been occupied by swallows for the last few days. Two migrant species on their way back to Africa. I am beginning to think about my last sightings of them for the winter – at least from Crail. I am lucky enough to be going to Tanzania next week and Nigeria in November so I will be heading south with them as well.

Spotted flycatcher – once a common garden bird, but now a rarity

Fife Ness was relatively quiet. A few bar-tailed godwits on the beach at Balcomie and still a lot of guillemots close in. I saw my first barnacle geese of the winter. A characteristic straggling flock low over the sea, passing the Ness and continuing on towards the Lothians.

Barnacle geese migrating past Fife Ness

Posted October 2, 2012 by wildcrail in Sightings

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