September 3rd   2 comments

There isn’t much song to be heard just now apart from the robins. They have just started singing again after the last six weeks or so sulking while they moult. Most birds change their feathers after breeding. Their feathers get worn flying through vegetation when they visit their concealed nests and a year’s worth of flying takes its toll too. Robins lose their red breast and look patchy and dull in August while they change their feathers. They save their energy and lie low and keep quiet. But now September is here they are decked out in fresh plumage ready for a Christmas card and they start singing again. For a robin, territory is everything. That they stop singing while they moult is an indication of how costly it is for them.

If you hear a bird properly singing just now it can only be a robin – so a perfect time of year to learn their song

Posted September 3, 2012 by wildcrail in Sightings

2 responses to “September 3rd

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  1. Hi Will how can you tell the difference between male and female robins? Is the male brighter colored than the female? Any difference in the song they make?
    thanks in advance

    • Dear Jack
      You can’t sex robins. Males and females have the same plumage and are the same size. If it’s singing it is probably a male though. Female birds occasionally sing though. Males and females of a pair separate into separate, adjacent winter territories about this time of year.

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