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There were 5 ruff at the Toldrie roadside pool first thing this morning. They didn’t seem too bothered by the heavy rain this morning, they were knee deep in a chilly pond anyway. They were with three teal. The teal are migrants as well, probably not going as far as the ruff, but possibly going as far as north Africa for the winter. There have been a few flocks of teal passing along the coast past Crail over the last few days. With the heavy rain showers of last night such passing birds look out for a safe place to sit out the bad weather. Some will sit it out on the sea but others will end up in tiny ponds like the Toldrie pool.


After the rain this afternoon I went looking again for the barred warbler and the unidentified Hippolais warbler at Kilminning. Both were seen again today – there were a few people out looking – but only one or two got lucky (not me). And the unidentified warbler remains unidentified. There was a whinchat there as consolation.

This evening was the first without swifts over Crail since May 20th. They came late this year and have stayed maybe a week later than usual.

A highlight today was my son Sam finding a large common frog in our back garden. It was the first frog we have found in our garden, excluding the hundreds of tadpoles that have passed temporarily through Sam’s fish tank. It’s always possible that this frog was one of Sam’s tadpoles a few years ago on its way out from Denburn for the winter.

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