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Things are beginning to pick up. Today as I cycled out of Crail towards St Andrews I was greeted by at least four sedge warblers, a couple of whitethroats and a chiff-chaff all singing frantically from beside the road. There were about 10 swallows as well. Most migrants that should be here are probably back now, but because they are two weeks late at least they seem frantic to catch up.

The east winds continue so rarer migrants should be about. Yesterday there was a cuckoo and a black redstart at Kilminning reported. They weren’t there this evening, but there were at least five whimbrels and seven wheatears on the adjacent golf course and fields. I searched the usual locations for a red-backed shrike but with no luck. I would almost bet £50 that one is about Crail somewhere just waiting to be found. Maybe tomorrow. My best migrant today was a grasshopper warbler singing near Boarhills. They are very furtive and for every one I have ever seen I have heard ten. They have a constant, far carrying reeling song much like a cricket or grasshopper. It really doesn’t sound like a bird but it is very distinctive.

Grasshopper warbler – usually heard and not seen.

Posted May 22, 2012 by wildcrail in Sightings

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