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We have continued to have north-easterly winds all week with frequent rain showers. Swallows are now back in Crail but there are more to come and the house martins haven’t arrived yet. Last night there were 12 ring ouzels reported from the Isle of May and this morning there were other migrants there as well. I went out to Cambo first thing and found a single male ring ouzel feeding in the short grass by the main house. Ring ouzels are once or twice a year birds for Crail and I missed one at Wormiston last weekend. It was great to check what I thought was a blackbird striding about on a lawn to see the big white breast band and the whitish on the wing that made it a ring ouzel, They are also bigger than blackbirds. This one was with a fieldfare – both species heading north to Scandinavia to breed I should think – and the ring ouzel was a similar size. I expect there were one or two people in Crail with ring ouzels feeding in their gardens this morning. At this time of year it is always worth looking twice at any blackbird.

Two spring male ring ouzels - not photographed in Crail but I suspect they could easily have been this morning

Posted April 28, 2012 by wildcrail in Sightings

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