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One of the Carnbee dotterels this morning - closer and in the sun today

The dotterels are still out at Carnbee. I went to see them again this morning and there was a small crowd. Apparently these are the first dotterel seen in Fife in 30 years. So quite an event, particularly for any Fife county listers. The dotterels came very close to us this morning after a bit of encouragement – they have a lovely peeping, half chiming call that is fairly easy to copy. The photographers were complaining that they came too close for their long lenses. There was also a flock of 50 or so golden plover in the adjacent field. Like the dotterel they were moulting into summer plumage with spangled golden backs and pure black bellies. And also like the dotterels these will also have been on their way to the uplands. Some goldies nest on the tops with the dotterel, although most are lower level breeders in the heather moorland.

There is a chiff-chaff singing in Denburn near the pond at the moment. They sing their name repetitively (like cuckoos) so are one of the more easy summer migrants to recognise by sound. The shore was quiet in comparison this afternoon. The redshanks and turnstones are disappearing quietly as they drift north, the goldeneyes are long gone and even the eiders are getting fewer as they move over to the Isle of May to breed. In compensation there were a couple of sandwich terns passing.

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