April 3rd   1 comment

It’s an obvious thing to say but I will anyway. This time last week we had 18 degrees in Crail and today 2 degrees. A fantastic contrast. A real storm today with huge waves at sea. The gannets were doing their seemingly impossible trick of moving slowly forward against the wind without moving their wings. I’ve seen albatrosses do it too. There is something about big and heavy and having long wings in a gale which makes this possible. There will be an aerodynamic explanation but I’m content just to think this is some kind of magic that seabirds can do. Gannets are just like that. John caught the mood of today perfectly with a photo of a red-breasted merganser pushing into the wind with the waves behind. I didn’t see any mergansers trying to go north today but there were a lot of guillemots and red-throated divers resting on the sea off Crail in the late afternoon that had given up trying.

A red-breasted merganser going north into the wind today - it probably helps being effectively an avian arrow

Posted April 3, 2012 by wildcrail in Sightings

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  1. What a captivating picture.

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