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The last day of March. The wind went round to the north-east this morning so it has been a lot cooler today. Still a lovely day. There were two pairs of buzzards displaying over the centre of the town this afternoon. Buzzards “sky-dance” like a lot of raptors where one bird flaps up in an exaggerated way and then makes a 45 degree stoop with wings closed before flapping up again. This is repeated across the sky making a series of waves. The other bird of the pair watches and makes it mewing calls. I’ve always wondered why the Crail starlings do such a good buzzard impression in their songs. It must be from spring days like today. I first saw buzzards sky dancing as a boy on a school exchange in Germany. I was brought up in East Anglia so there were no buzzards there 30 years ago and it was very exotic and exciting to see these large birds of prey displaying above the house where I was staying. I’ve since always wanted to live in a place with buzzards above my garden. The herring gulls nesting among my chimney pots were less impressed.

A common buzzard making deep exaggerated wing flaps as part of its sky dance

A bucket full of tadpoles on the way back to the Denburn

I released a bucket load of tadpoles in the Denburn this afternoon. Ours have grown fast and large, but those that stayed in the Denburn are catching up. I was really pleased to see tadpoles everywhere in the pond. It is a really good year for them so far. I don’t think our helping hand will make much difference, but at least we have put back 70 or so healthy large tadpoles which are too big for any of the fish in the Denburn to eat. We have kept 30 or so and will release them in a couple of weeks when they have grown both sets of legs and turned into froglets.

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