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Meadow pipt - one of the earliest spring migrants

This morning at Fife Ness the sea was full of gannets diving in the spring sunshine. There were flocks of pink foot geese flying north, some far out at sea so I should think they are now on their way back. But the red-throated divers that have been a regular feature inshore for the last month have gone completely. I saw just one flying far out at sea. There were few waders too. Early March can be quite a quiet time before the spring migration season gets going at the end of the month. There was a single meadow pipit flying up the coast. Over the next couple of weeks this should turn into a constant stream north before our local migrants are joined by the African migrants, and we will get the first wheatear and swallow.

Today was back to the warm weather after the cooler week. Our tadpoles from last week have hatched in the warmth of our house, but the frog spawn in Denburn is still intact. My son Sam found the first moth of the year, a common quaker, hiding on his windowsill. We will have to start trapping next week and see what else we get if it stays mild.

Common quaker - an early moth flying in March and April

Posted March 11, 2012 by wildcrail in Sightings

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