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Balcomie Beach at low tide is a treat at the moment. Twenty each or so of sanderling, dunlin and ringed plovers along the water’s edge. The sanderling scurrying backwards and forwards as the waves lap in, the dunlins probing more sedately behind, and the ringies further back still, on the dryer sand, walking sedately and picking prey from the surface. There were a couple of grey plover and bar-tailed godwits on the beach as well today. One of the godwits was just starting to turn orange on its underparts even though its breeding season in the Arctic is not until mid-summer.

A bar-tailed godwit at Balcomie

Our local breeding season is a lot closer though. I met Jim Cobb on the way down to the patch and he told me his chaffinches that he rings through the winter are all territorial now and so impossible to catch, and that the robins in his garden are building nests. The blue tits in Crail are also looking very interested in breeding with a lot of song, obvious pairs and territorial chases to be seen this week. It certainly has been a lot milder and seems to be shaping up for an early spring.

Posted February 26, 2012 by wildcrail in Sightings

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